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Comparison between Samsung Galaxy S2 non-G (GT-I9100) and G version (GT-I9100G).

At the beginning of S2 sales, samsung supplied all countries with the non G version of S2. But a few months back, they have started to send the G version of S2 to the market while treating these two models as a same model and they just called them S2. But there are some differences between these 2 models actually. Here are the comparison:

GT-I9100 GT-I9100G
Have bigger support community Have lesser support community
Overheat easily. Doesn’t overheat easily.
Poor battery life. (Fixed with Android 2.3.5) Better battery life.
Fully run at 1.2 GHz CPU. CPU capped at 1008 MHz.
So far no apps/ games compatibility issue reported. Might have more apps/ games compatibility issue.Some games developed for GT-I9100 like Asphalt 6 can’t be launch on it.
Better 3D performance. Poorer 3D performance.
Anti-Aliasing (4xAA and 16xAA) support with Chainfire3D Pro. Not supported.
Lot of custom firmware, kernel, modification, tweaks. Not much custom firmware / modification.
Normal text font in PAPAGO Very small fonts size in PAPAGO
Perform better and less lag while browsing the Internet and score better when opening apps/multi tasking. Might feel lag when opening up too many app compare to GT-I9100 model.

Here are the comparison based on CPU and GPU:

CPU: 1.2Ghz dual core Exynos 4210.
GPU: ARM Mali-400 GPU

CPU: 1.2Ghz dual core TI OMAP4430.
GPU: PowerVR SGX540

To know which S2 is G or non G, you can check at:
Settings > About phone > Model number

Should i get the non-G or G version of S2?

Today in malaysia the non-G version is almost impossible to get, all of the new stocks coming are the G version. Especially the white version of S2 i think all of them are the G version. But basicly here are the reason to choose either one:

Non-G version:
For hardcore gamer and like to play with the custom firmware and kernel modification. Non G version also have more developers in custom ROM so you will have more ROMs to choose.

G version
For normal user, like to have longer battery life by default. Can compromise on the limited availability of the custom ROMs.

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